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Kindergarten Room 8

Email Address:
Phone number: (510)657-5020

Best time to call:Monday thru Friday 1:45-3:30 PM

Dear parents,

Welcome to the exciting world of Kindergarten.  I am very excited to be your child's teacher and look forward to a wonderful year.  Beginning of the year is always an adjustment for the children but with your help we can make sure it is successful.  I will try and keep you informed, but it if you have any questions, please stop by after school, call or email.

Here is some important information 

Home and school Connection:

I will use your child's Brier School Folder as our Thursday Communication Folder.  Your child will bring this folder home on Thursday.  It will contain class work you child has worked hard on during the week.  It will also have our classroom newsletter and any important notes from the office.  Please empty the folder and review the classwork with your child and return empty folder to school on Friday along with the homework folder.


 Drop Off and Pick Up:

 First day of school parents are welcome to walk the children to the classroom.  The next two days parents may walk the children into the Kindergarten Yard before school.  Beginning the second week of school, children are to be line up outside by the Kindergarten Gate.  Parents should wait with the children until the teachers arrive to take the children to the classroom. Then, parents may watch the children walk to classrooms. Please do not leave the children alone outside the gate.  Parents will be required to come into Kindergarten Yard for student pick up. Children will be dismissed one at a time to the adult that has come to pick up the students. 

 **If you need to speak to your child's teacher before school, please feel free to come into Kindergarten yard in the morning.

Remember We are in This Together!

Mrs. Hothi