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Kindergarten Homework

*Your child will bring home their homework folders on Monday.  The homework will include a review packet and math pages that should be returned to school.  The Treasures language arts packet reviews letter sounds and sight words.  I would like children to work in this packet.  The Treasures packet may be returned to school or kept at home to work on.  Also, practice reading the decodable books daily.

* Parent Communication Folders will go home Thursday.

* Empty the folder and go over the papers in the folder with your child.

(He/she will have a lot to tell you about them!)

* When your child is done with his/her  homework, have him/her put

it in the Homework Folder.  Brier Folders and Homework Folders should be returned to school on Friday.

* It is expected that ALL students will turn in their completed homework every Friday. 

Thank you. 

Other things to do ...

  • read with your child everyday
  • listen to your child count ... he/she should be able to count to 10
  • take a walk around the block ... talk about the different colors, shapes, and numbers you see
  • have your child help in the kitchen ... they can help measure, pour, mix, etc.
  • have your child help set the table ... ask him/her which utensil is longer, which is shorter, which plate is bigger, which is smaller, etc.
  • visit the Fremont Main Library (on Stevenson Blvd.) and check out a book