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Brier School History

Brier School HistoryThat first year was a busy one for many in the Brier School neighborhood. An already active parent-faculty group had been organized; the first issue of the Brier Patch newspaper (then called "Brier Home and School Newsletter") was published in September 1965. It contained a message from the first Home and School Club president, Angel Torres. It also gave a short biography of a remarkable man, the Reverend W.W.Brier, from whom the school was named. Reverend Brier first came to the Washington Township from Indiana in 1850. He went to Marysville to preach and founded the Presbyterian Church there.He returned to Mission San Jose to teach a session in 1842. He founded the Centerville Presbyterian Church in 1853 and served the parishes of both Centerville and Alvarado Districts. He also was elected the first Alameda County superintendent of schools. Much of his time was given  to the local school he was deeply interested in promoting educational opportunities for the Township children. He owned a large amount of property on Decoto Road and was a member of the local Pioneer Society.

Ronald ReaganOn May 1, 1965 a four-acre baseball complex, Brier Park, was dedicated. Brier students and parents have had a long standing, close association with Little League activities.

Brier School parent and faculty have had many fund-raising activities. In April 1966 the first carnival was held to raise funds for the new school library directed by Gwen Kerr. Another success was a Brier School cookbook, containing recipes from both teachers and parents, offered in 1972.

President Ronald Reagan is greeted by associate superintendent Phil Brazil, board members Don Glankler and Sylvia Cornell, and superintendent Wayne S.Ferguson - 1980.