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Brier Three Way Pledge

BRIER Elementary School

Three Way Pledge

The Brier Community will ensure high levels of learning for all students in a safe and positive

In order to maximize student achievement, the Fremont Unified School District recommends that the
school, the student, and parents pledge to do their part to promote success. It is our belief that a team
approach where all parties clearly understand their roles and responsibilities will help to ensure a positive
school experience and student success.

The Teacher Pledges:
● To provide daily live instruction/interaction with students through the Fremont Unified School
District-approved platforms (Zoom, Google Meet, etc)
● To provide daily office hours for students/parents who are in need of assistance
● To provide synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities
● To assist all students to achieve their best in every class, including posting assignments for easy
student reference
● To provide an emotionally and educationally safe learning environment
● To help all students learn how to make responsible decisions
● To expose all students to positive examples of social interaction
● To maintain open lines of communication regarding student behavior and achievement, especially
when a student is at risk in a class

The Student Pledges:
● To adhere to established school and classroom behavior standards, policies, and procedures
● To be on time and ready to learn for the daily live instructional time. This includes but is not
limited to: dressed, have materials (notebooks, pencils, etc) on hand, have chromebooks/laptops
and headsets charged
● To eliminate the use of cell phones, tables, TV, video games or any other electronic distraction
during instructional time
● To assume a learning attitude in a designated area free of distractions (sitting up, no laying down)
● To put forth an effort to excel in all classes
● Show Bronco PRIDE at all times 

The Parent/Guardian Pledges:
● To ensure that my child arrives at school on time (or logs in and is present for online live teaching
opportunities), rested, properly fed, and with necessary materials.
● To provide necessary time and an appropriate place to study free of distractions at home for my
● To support staff to promote positive student attitude, behavior, and performance
● To encourage and to monitor my child’s school achievement on a continuous basis, including
checking daily assignments as needed.
● To maintain open lines of communication regarding student behavior and achievement